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Virtual Class

Mayat’s Healthy & Easy Recipes

Virtual Class

Virtual Class One on One

Mayat's Healthy & Easy Recipes

If you prefer to have the undivided attention of a one-on-one class, this can be arranged. For your convenience, we offer this as a virtual class. In this one on one class, you will have the freedom to ask any and all questions you may have. When you are looking at a full lifestyle change it is always advisable to get as much information as possible. Not only to find out if this is the lifestyle for you, but to ensure that you can sustain such a change.

You will find our resident health food guru knowledgeable and passionate on the subject. “Mayat” has spent more than two decades researching and perfecting her recipes. She has made it her mission to help people that want to undertake this change. She knows the benefits that raw foods bring to your life. The health benefits are incredible. Studies have shown that eating living plants has incredible benefits for your physical and mental health. “Mayat” will show you how to overcome any setbacks while reaping the many benefits. Eating raw food provides natural nutrition without the chemicals that are in so much of our pre-prepared and fast foods. You can also learn to eat nutritious food even if you have allergies and intolerances.